Adam Giambrone

Public Policy. Transportation. Consulting.






In 2006, Adam was appointed as a Commissioner of the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission), North America’s third-largest transit agency exceeded only by New York and Mexico City. He served as President and Chairman of the Board at the TTC for five years, where he made several significant changes. Giambrone led the renewal of the entire bus and rail fleet, as well as the largest expansion of services in the city’s history, a modern social media communications program, the construction of an 8.6km subway project, and the initiation of Transit City, an 11 billion-dollar 120km light rail program, the first phase of which is set to open in 2022.

Following his time at the TTC, Adam spent two years at the Réseau de Transport Métropolitain (Metropolitan Transportation Network) as the

Director of Planning Studies for Montreal’s Regional Transportation Agency. During this time, the Vision 2020 Plan was developed. The plan aims to increase public transport use in the metropolitan area by 33% over the course of ten years. Giambrone also worked on the 52km Mascouche suburban train line and developed a roadmap for a new generation of communication technology for passengers.

Adam’s later work took him out of Canada, where he became the Executive Transit Advisor of the city of Milwaukee in Wisconsin, USA. There he acted as a senior expert on LRT (light rail transit) and streetcars for the city’s first rail project in over 50 years. Four years later, he continued in this vein when he became the Director of Streetcars and LRT in New York City. 

Much like Milwaukee, Adam’s contributions to the city included leading the development of the first rail project since the 1960s called the Brooklyn-Queens Connector (BQX). The BQX utilizes characteristics of both streetcars and LRT, which allows it to navigate through the city’s older neighbourhoods. The line will provide a crucial north-south link and unlock billions in development. Currently, Giambrone works with the Saudi Public Transit Company (SAPTCO) as a General Manager. Since joining the company in 2019, he has already made substantial progress. Adam has reworked the national inter-city bus network, currently aims to improve maintenance operations, and is helping to establish ride-sharing and autonomous bus services, with plenty more projects in the works.