Adam Giambrone

Public Policy. Transportation. Consulting.






Adam’s two terms in office and work at the National level exposed him to complex problems on a local, national and international scale. As a result, he learned how that to make difficult trade-offs, as well as how to communicate ideas and projects effectively. These skills have proved invaluable in his ongoing endeavours.

Adam has served at not just at a national level, but also a local one. As a Toronto Councillor for the federal riding of southern Davenport, Adam learned how to balance community priorities with a multi-billion-dollar budget. During this time, he was also appointed as a Commissioner of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), which began a fruitful career in the transport sector.  In 2006, he took over as president and chair of the TTC. This position required Giambrone to report to the mayor and ensure the efficient operation of local transportation.

Having since retired from politics, Adam is grateful for the many lessons he’s learned, people he’s met, and experiences he’s enjoyed. He also has a great deal of respect for anyone willing to run for office.